Thank you for taking a peek at some of our Bakelite treasures and learning more about The Bakelite Lady.

The Bakelite Lady buys, sells, and trades her one-of-a-kind Bakelite pieces throughout California at antique and collectible shows. She is widely known for having one of the largest inventories of investment-grade Bakelite in the United States.

In addition, The Bakelite Lady also carries select pieces of furniture as well as an extensive assortment of vintage, handmade French nylon hair combs and accessories that are lightweight, comfortable, and fit snugly.

About Bakelite

Who would have known that this thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin discovered by Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland, PhD -- and aptly named after him -- would have so many practical uses in the early 1900s and then such popular appeal for the next 100 years?

Bakelite is enjoyed by people of all ages. Its versatility and sturdiness made its application widespread, and today, Bakelite can be found around dining room tables in the form of napkin rings, flatware, and serviceware, to the game room with Mahjong or poker players. And of course, Bakelite adorns many a wrist, lapel, and neckline.

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